Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24 2009

Hello, it's the end of June and lots and lots of things have gone on since the last blog. Corn is up, have had a fantastic alfalfa crop, am cutting a large hay crop, cows, calves and heifers all mowing grass like they were starving. Summer is here. Farming is underway.

We're working on grazing made easy. We have water in almost every paddock and are close to having the middle wire of all the fences as an electric fence. This makes bossies fence edicate much better as she no longer has the desire to eat from the next paddock. we are still mowing the easy parts of the new paddock and baling the hay right after we cut it. It is a wet bale and will spoil unless it is sealed up. We bring the bales home and wrap then in a plastic bag. Then we turn the cows in to eat along the fences and the steep hillsides.

Most of the birds have babies that are flying by now and the babies are coming to the feeders. They do not know how to eat. Can you believe that? We have a number of Red Bellied Woodpeckers at the feeders outside the computer room. Dads have the back, top and front of their head red. Moms have the back and top of their heads red. The kids have no red on their heads, only grey. The kids and one of the parents will fly to the tree to feed. the kid hangs on the tree while the parent gets a seed from the feeder brings it to the kid and sticks it into its wide open mouth. The Downy Woodpeckers are the same way. I should get some pictures. I should do a lot of things.

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  1. Yes I have heard that about you, that you should do alot of things. Guess who Carl!!! P.S say hi to Mom.